At Koodonation, even the busiest people can microvolunteer.

We're a free online hub that connects busy people with non-profits through microvolunteering. With microvolunteering, small deeds make a big impact and since it's all done online, that means you can donate time whenever you want (even at 3am in your PJs!). So register today and together we'll help complete these online challenges and make a big difference in our community!


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  • Toronto Star

    What the Toronto Star says…

    “Here’s how it works: Non-profit groups and charities register on the site. It typically takes 24 to 48 hours to confirm a group’s legitimacy, after which the group can post challenges. Volunteers sign up and apply their skills (for example, writing, blogging, design or data entry) and interests (say, wildlife, the environment or social media) to challenges.”

  • Calgary Hearld

    What the Calgary Herald says…

    “ is based on the idea that a community of heads is better than one.”

  • Regina Leader Post

    What the Regina Leader Post says…

    “Today’s reality is that it’s harder and harder to try and get away from your busy life and fit your schedule with physical volunteering. Now you can volunteer in your PJs at 3 a.m. from your couch.”

  • Ottawa Citizen

    What the Ottawa Citizen says…

    “With this, you don’t have to go anywhere, or apply. You’re volunteering the time that you choose to give, using the skills you already have.”

  • Edmonton Journal

    What the Edmonton Journal says…

    “Designed for the time-starved social media generation, Koodonation offers a way for Canadians to donate their skills to charities without ever leaving the house – or even putting pants on.”